Introducing Gasfuse

The original emergency shut-off device for bottled gas. 


Gasfuse in under 60 seconds.


Gasfuse is trusted by 2 million families worldwide.


Gasfuse is a revolutionary lifesaving device that will completely and automatically shut-off the supply of bottled gas in the event of a major leak, regulator failure or valve fire. With over 25 years history designing, crafting and developing gas safety valves, we are proud to be the leaders in our field. Our safety record, and the quality of our product are second to none. Trust in Gasfuse today, and safeguard your family. 

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Emergency shut-off

Automatically and instantly shuts-off 100% of the gas supply in the event of a major leak or regulator failure. 



Pressure proof

Gasfuse far exceeds any pressure test requirements, with a staggeringly high burst pressure of 900 bar.


Award winning

Gasfuse is the first of it's kind, winning innovation, invention and safety awards around the world. 

Low gas indicator 

Our German made, precision engineered gauge allows you to quickly and easily find out what is going on inside your cylinder. 



Thermal fuse

In the event of a major gas valve fire, Gasfuse will shut-off the supply of gas prior to cylinder failure.


Over 2 million sold

Gasfuse is sold around the world. Our wide range of fittings will cater for most gas cylinders.

Tilt shut-off

Gasfuse has an inbuilt tilt-switch, meaning if your bottle falls or wobbles excessively mid flow, the supply will shut-off.



Quality & safety

Gasfuse complies with all of the major relevant international quality and safety codes.

An award-winning, globally approved product.

Available to buy around the world.

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What people say about Gasfuse.

People around the world are safeguarding their families with Gasfuse, see what they have to say about this life-saving product. 

Gasfuse saved my wife’s life
— Nick Vassiliadis, NSW, Australia
I would never have a BBQ without a Gasfuse
— Graham Brake, Sussex, UK

There's a Gasfuse for everyone.